Farhan Sarwar is a Founder from Lahore, Pakistan
The most actively running non-profit organization in Pakistan is focused on uplifting and bringing the positive change in the lives of underprivileged.
With the help of free scholarships, many underprivileged children have been able to receive quality education absolutely free of cost.
The Bilqees Sarwar Foundation is providing financial aid and free scholarships to a large number of underprivileged people across Pakistan.
Serving the humanity locally and internationally in terms of free healthcare and educational services, BSF is among the best NGOs in Pakistan.
Bilqees Sarwar Foundation is among the very few welfare organizations in Pakistan providing standard healthcare facilities under one roof completely free of cost.
The underprivileged community is getting facilitated via BSF, the family-run welfare organization in Pakistan. Free healthcare, financial aid, donations.
The Bilqees Sarwar Foundation is a family-run nonprofit organization in Pakistan serving the ailing humanity for over 10 years.
The Bilqees Sarwar Foundation is among the best non-profit organization in Pakistan serving a large number of vulnerable people for the past 10 years.